Dan Crowley
Venture Partner

Informatics • Medical Devices • Alternative Energy • Nanotechnology • Electronics • Optics

Dan Crowley works with ARCH’s European office in Dublin, Ireland. He also serves as a Director with NDRC (National Digital Research Centre), an early stage technology incubator and investor. Dan leads NDRC's science and technology investing arm and is the founding director of NDRC VentureLab, one of Europe's first science venture accelerators. Dan has led investments in electronics, sensors, robotics, advanced materials, mobile technologies, medical devices, cloud and media technologies.

Dan has played a direct role in the formation, financing and growth of over 40 startups including: Clearsight Innovations (Optical diagnostics), Kusp (Network Optimisation), KDM Valentia (Construction Engineering), FieldAware (Mobile Field Services), Soundwave (Audio Tracking), Haunted Planet Studios (AR Gaming), NVMdurance (Flash Memory Optimisation), SilverCloud Health (Connected Health), BuildingEye (Utility Reporting), Redeem & Get (Ecommerce), Mutebutton (Tinnitus medical device), Placebo Response Prediction (Clinical Trial Optimisation), Fab Studios (3D fabrication), PMD Solutions (Respiratory Medical Device), Predalgo (Computational Finance), Adama Innovations (Nanopatterning), and Optrace (Secure Holographics).

He holds a BA and MS in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, a DipSI from Oxford University and an MBA from Cornell University where he was an Angear Merit Scholar. In 2011 Dan became a Kauffman Fellow with NDRC and ARCH Venture Partners.