Dan Crowley is a Venture Partner with ARCH Venture Partner’s Europe office in Dublin, Ireland. Mr. Crowley works in medical technology, genomics, materials science, semiconductors, and advanced computation.

Dan has previously served as Executive Director for the Center for Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research at the University of Dublin, Trinity College, and with NDRC, a Dublin-based early stage investor where we has founding director of VentureLab, one of Europe’s first science venture accelerators.

Dan has been a founding executive at a number of technology ventures including ARCH co-founded venture Genomics Medicine Ireland and Kusp, an algorithms company. As an investor and board member he has played a direct role in the formation, financing and growth of companies including: Movidius (Semiconductors), Clearsight Innovations (Optical diagnostics), FieldAware (Mobile Sevices), Soundwave (Audio Technology), Haunted Planet Studios (AR Gaming), NVMdurance (Flash Memory Optimisation), SilverCloud Health (Connected Health), BuildingEye (Utility Reporting), Mutebutton (Tinnitus Device), Fab All Things (3D fabrication), PMD Solutions (Respiratory Medical Device), Adama Innovations (Nanopatterning), Optrace (Holographics), Artomatix (Image processing), Digifeye (Machine vision), and Nuritas (Bioactive Peptides).

Mr. Crowley holds a BA and MSc in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, a GDip in Strategy and Innovation from Oxford University and an MBA from Cornell University where he was an Angear Merit Scholar. In 2011 Dan became a Kauffman Fellow with ARCH Venture Partners.

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