Working with ARCH
As partners in the truest sense, it is our practice to collaborate on our investments … both within the firm and with a variety of outside partners. We are known for our collaborative approach and our sense of fair dealing.

Our practice is to play an active board role from the time of initial investment to liquidity, and occasionally post liquidity.

We have served as interim management on numerous occasions to organize a company, consolidate intellectual property and other assests, and catalyze initial management teams around an opportunity. We also cultivate a cross-section of business relationships with our strategic and financial partners that can be useful to our portfolio companies.

Our syndicate partners for portfolio co-investment rank in the top tier of venture investors, and we have close access to leading technologists for diligence review and advisory services.

Our pool of entrepreneurs and executive talent is deep and they bring decades of experience to bear when advisors, interim management or board members are needed.

We have solid relationships with key scientists and technology transfer personnel at academic institutions and national laboratories, and we have longstanding associations with many corporations for both technology research and portfolio alliances.