Disruptive Companies from Great Science

ARCH Portfolio Companies

3EO Health
Portable, ultrasensitive, PCR-grade nucleic acid detection technology
Beverly, MA
48 Bio
Organ and stem cell transplant immune suppression therapies.
Palo Alto, CA
908 Devices
Point-of-need chemical and biomolecular analysis devices
Accompany Health
Correcting disparities in home health care for marginalized communities.
Bethesda, MD
Aera Therapeutics
Protein nanoparticle delivery platform to deliver genetic payloads into multiple organs for better response and fewer reactions.
Cambridge, MA
Agios Pharmaceuticals
Gene-targeted cancer therapeutics
Cambridge, MA | NASDAQ: AGIO
RNA editing technology harnessing endogenous enzymes to prevent off-target edits.
Akamis Bio
Systemic immune oncology therapies
Abingdon, UK
Accountable care organizations
Bethesda, MD
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
RNAi therapeutics
Cambridge, MA | NASDAQ:  ALNY
Altos Labs
Cellular resilience and rejuvenation
San Diego, CA
Guangzhou, China
Arbor Biotechnologies
Protein Discovery Platform for Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA
Areteia Therapeutics
The first oral drug to treat eosinophilic asthma.
Aspen Neuroscience
Regenerative medicine focused on Parkinson’s Disease
San Diego, CA
Autobahn Therapeutics
Thyromimetics drug discovery
San Diego, CA
Basking Biosciences
Reversible thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke
Columbus, OH
BE Biopharma
New class of engineered B cell medicines.
Cambridge, MA
Beam Therapeutics
CRISPR base-editing platform
Cambridge, MA | NASDAQ: BEAM
Bit Bio
Precise reprogramming of stem cells into any desired cell type
Cambridge, UK
Bitterroot Bio
Cardiovascular disease therapies
Palo Alto, CA
Boundless Bio
Therapeutics based on ecDNA discoveries
San Diego, CA
Brii Biosciences
Transforming China's public health
Shanghai, China & San Francisco, CA
Carrick Therapeutics
Cancer therapeutics
Boston, MA
CERO Therapeutics
Cellular immunotherapies
San Francisco, CA
Chroma Medicine
Single-dose genomic medicines that harness epigenetics and do not alter the DNA sequence
Boston, MA
Cooledge Lighting
Solid-state lighting
Richmond, Canada
CStone Pharmaceuticals
China-based cancer therapeutics
Suzhou, China | HKEX: 2616
Curie Bio
Helping biotech company founders launch successful therapeutics firms
Boston, MA
Cytrellis Biosystems
Aesthetic medicine
Woburn, MA
Denali Therapeutics
Neurodegenerative therapeutics
San Francisco, CA | NASDAQ:  DNLI
Dewpoint Therapeutics
Translating biomolecular condensate into therapeutics
Boston, MA
Dispatch Biotherapeutics
Immunotherapies to reimagine cancer therapy
Philadelphia, PA
Soil analysis tools
Research Triangle Park, NC
Gene-editing for organ transplantation
Cambridge, MA
Cancer diagnostics to accurately predict clinical outcomes and accelerate drug development
Madison, WI
Encoded Therapeutics
Precision gene therapies
South San Francisco, CA
Protein Analysis Platform
San Diego, CA
Epirium Bio
Therapeutics for mitochondrial biogenesis and function
San Diego, CA
EQRx (Acquired)
Re-engineering drug development and pricing models
Cambridge, MA | NASDAQ: EQRX
Erasing cancer with AI drug discovery platform
San Diego, CA | NASDAQ: ERAS
Faraday Pharmaceuticals
Ischemic trauma therapies
Seattle, WA
FOG Pharmaceuticals
New class of drugs aimed at achieving universal druggability for even the most difficult targets
Cambridge, MA
Generate Biomedicines
Multi-disciplinary platform for developing protein therapeutics
Cambridge, MA
Genuity Science
Population-scale genomics
Cambridge, MA
Gossamer Bio
Therapeutics in immunology, inflammation, and oncology
San Diego, CA | NASDAQ: GOSS
Grail (Acquired)
Detect cancer early, when it can be cured.
Menlo Park, CA
Happy Health
Consumer wearable bioinformatics devices
Austin, TX
hC Bioscience
tRNA-based therapeutics for cancer and rare disease
Boston, MA
Therapeutics to prevent cancer relapse and metastasis
New York, NY
Homeward Health
Delivering healthcare to rural communities using a hybrid model of virtual and in-person services
San Francisco, CA
Homology Medicines
In-vivo gene editing
Bedford, MA | NASDAQ: FIXX
Hua Medicine
Asia-based pharmaceutical development
Shanghai, China | HKEX: 2552
Human Immunology Biosciences
Precision immunology therapies
San Francisco, CA
Diagnostics screening platform
Santa Clara, CA | NASDAQ: ILMN
Enhancing macronutrients in alternative protein foods
Woburn, MA
Machine learning for drug discovery
South San Francisco, CA
Jaguar Gene Therapy
Gene therapies for severe genetic diseases
Lake Forest, IL
Juno Therapeutics (Acquired)
Cancer immunotherapies
Seattle, WA | NASDAQ: JUNO
JUST Biotherapeutics (Acquired)
Therapeutics development & manufacturing
Seattle, WA
JW Therapeutics
China-based cancer therapeutics
Shanghai, China | HKEX: 2126
Karuna Therapeutics (Acquired)
Therapeutics for cognitive impairment
Kisbee Therapeutics
Neurodegenerative disease therapies based on lipid biology
Watertown, MA
KSQ Therapeutics
Matching Genomic Function to Diseases
Cambridge, MA
Kura Oncology
Cancer therapeutics
San Diego, CA | NASDAQ: KURA
Kythera Biopharmaceuticals (Acquired)
Aesthetic medicine
Parsippany, NJ & CA | NASDAQ: KYTH
LifeMine Therapeutics
Biosynthetic therapeutics
Cambridge, MA
Lifordi Immunotherapeutics
Leveraging anti-drug conjugates to develop treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders
Boston, MA
Lightcast Discovery
Microfluidic platform for complex and single cell analysis
Cambridge, UK
Lilac Therapeutics
Small molecule therapies to treat kidney stones
Richmond, CA
Lyell Immunopharma
Curative cell-based immunotherapeutics for cancer
San Francisco, CA & Seattle, WA | NASDAQ: LYEL
Magnet Biomedicine
Discovery platform for molecular glues that exhibit therapeutic activity
Cambridge, MA
Matter Neuroscience
App pairing personal experience and neuroscience to build better lives
Maze Therapeutics
Targeting genetic modifiers that can protect against disease
San Francisco, CA
Moonwalk Biosciences
Precision epigenetic editing
Mozart Therapeutics
Autoimmune disease therapeutics
Seattle, WA
Myeloid Therapeutics
Novel mRNA-immunotherapies to treat cancer
Cambridge, MA
National Resilience
Re-engineering drug manufacturing in the U.S. and abroad
La Jolla, CA
Neumora Therapeutics
Precision medicines for brain diseases and disorders.
Watertown, MA | NASDAQ: NMRA
Nutcracker Therapeutics
RNA immunotherapies manufacturing platform
Emeryville, CA
Nvelop Therapeutics
Transformational genetic medicines for rare diseases
Cambridge, MA
Omniome (Acquired)
SBB DNA sequencing platform
San Diego, CA
Instruments for nucleic acid purification/isolation
Singapore, SG
Desktop super-resolution microscopy
Oxford, UK
Orbital Therapeutics
Platform at the intersection of RNA technology, delivery methods, data science and automation
Cambridge, MA
Paradigm Health
Reimagining the clinical trial ecosystem to provide equitable access for all patients
New York, NY
Paratus Sciences
Platform to study bat biology and genomics
New York, NY
Pheast Therapeutics
Immuno-oncology therapies for difficult-to-treat and resistant cancers
Palo Alto, CA
Pretzel Therapeutics
Therapeutics for mitochondrial diseases
Waltham, MA
Prime Medicine
Advanced CRISPR gene editing technology
Cambridge, MA
Protillion Biosciences
Rapid platform for antibody discovery and optimization
Burlingame, CA
Qihan Biotech
Next generation cells and organs that can evade immune attacks
Hangzhou, China
Digital diagnostics for molecular detection
Lexington, MA | NASDAQ:  QTRX
Quantum Circuits
Developing the first practical quantum computers
New Haven, CT
Rapport Therapeutics
Precision medicines for neurological disorders.
Boston, MA
Reactive Biosciences
Medicines harnessing the unique properties of boron
Durham, NC
Receptos (Acquired)
Targeted drug discovery platform
Summit, NJ & CA | NASDAQ: RCPT
Recuro Health
Digital health platform
Dallas, TX
Remix Therapeutics
Therapeutics to reprogram RNA processing
Watertown, MA
Mental healthcare for seniors with dementia and neurocognitive conditions
Seattle, WA
ROME Therapeutics
Harnessing the power of the repeatome to develop a new class of therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases
Cambridge, MA
Sana Biotechnology
Creating and delivering engineered cells as medicine
Seattle, WA | NASDAQ: SANA
Scale Biosciences
Single-cell sequencing and analysis for research and clinical applications
San Diego, CA
Scholar Rock
Niche activator therapeutics
Cambridge, MA | NASDAQ: SRRK
SciNeuro Pharmaceuticals
Neurotherapeutics to improve China-based patient care
Shanghai, China
Semma Therapeutics (Acquired)
Diabetes therapeutics
Cambridge, MA
Sesh Therapy (Acquired)
Making mental health accessible and affordable
San Francisco, CA
Singleron Biotechnologies
Massive single-cell processing equipment, software ancd libraries
Nanjing, China
Singular Genomics Systems
Genomic analysis instrumentation
San Diego, CA | NASDAQ: OMIC
Therapeutics for inflammatory and nero degenerative diseases
Beijing, China
Skylark Bio
Breakthrough gene therapies to treat hearing loss and sensory impairments
Cambridge, MA
Skyline Vet Pharma
Animal health therapeutics
Research Triangle Park, NC
Slingshot Biosciences
On-demand synthetic cell platform
Emeryville, CA
Sonoma Biotherapeutics
T cell therapies for autoimmune and degenerative diseases
San Francisco, CA / Seattle, WA
Ultrasound-directed non-viral gene delivery approach
South San Francisco, CA
SunBird Bio
Blood-based diagnostics for the detection of neurodegenerative diseases
Brain-computer interface system to restore motor and communication capabilities for paralyzed patients
Brooklyn, NY
Tome Biosciences
Molecular tools to precisely correct large defects in the genome
Watertown, MA
Transcenta Holding
Fully integrated antibody-based biotherapeutics company
Suzhou, China & Boston, MA | HKEX: 6628
Treeline Biosciences
Difficult-to-drug molecular targets in oncology
Stamford, CT
Trotana Therapeutics
Medicines targeting RNA binding proteins
San Diego, CA
Twist Bioscience
Synthetic DNA manufacturing
San Francisco, CA | NASDAQ: TWST
DNA imaging
Cambridge, MA
Unity Biotechnology
Therapeutics for age-related diseases & conditions
San Francisco, CA | NASDAQ: UBX
VBI Vaccines
Vaccine therapeutics
Cambridge, MA & Quebec, Canada | NASDAQ: VBIV
Verve Therapeutics
Gene editing therapies to permanently reduce cardiovascular disease
Cambridge, MA | NASDAQ: VERV
Synthetic protein science platform for artificial molecule design
Seattle, WA
Vir Biotechnology
Perpetual vaccine platform
San Francisco, CA | NASDAQ: VIR
Vividion Therapeutics (Acquired)
Protein-based therapeutics
San Francisco, CA
Gene profiling instrumentation and data analysis
Cambridge, MA
Volastra Therapeutics
Cancer genomics and precision medicines
New York, NY
Walden Biosciences
Precision renal therapeutics
Cambridge, MA