Life Sciences
Raleigh-Durham, NC
AgBiome, LLC.
Agricultural biotechnology for enhanced growth and yield in crops
Medford, MA
Agrivida, Inc.
Animal feed additive enzymes
Research Triangle Park, NC
AgTech Accelerator
Agribusiness and R&D accelerator
Seattle, WA
Just. Biotherapeutics, Inc.
Universal design for manufacturing therapeutics
Palo Alto, CA
Nanosys, Inc.
Technology utilizing nanowires, nanorods and nanocrystals with applications in electronics, biology, chemistry and quantum computing
San Diego, CA
Sapphire Energy Corp.
Algae-based fuels and biomass production
San Francisco, CA
Trelys, Inc.
Converting synthesis gas to high-value feedstock products
San Francisco, CA
Twist Bioscience Corp.
Synthetic DNA production for specialty chemical compounds and drug development
Cambridge, MA
Ultivue, Inc.
Biochemical reagents for flourescent bio-imaging