Physical Sciences
Sunnyvale, CA
Adesto Technologies Corp.
Silicon Valley fabless semiconductor company
Medford, MA
Agrivida, Inc.
Animal feed additive enzymes
Menlo Park, CA
Artificial Muscle, Inc.
Electroactive polymers for solid-state actuator and electric power generation
Acquired by Bayer Material Science, LLC
BC, Canada
CoolEdge Lighting, Inc.
Solid state lighting technology allowing flexible and broad space designs with tunable color
Green Island, NY
Crystal-IS, Inc.
Deep UV LED's for water sterilization
Acquired by Asahi Kasei Corp.
3407: JP
Darien, IL - Paris, France
Eichrom Technologies, Inc.
Separation and polymer chemistry
Acquired by Gary Comer, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
InnovaLight, Inc.
Solar energy products based on silicon nanotechnology
Acquired by Dupont
Burr Ridge, IL
Nanophase Technologies Corporation
Ultrafine ceramic materials
Palo Alto, CA
Nanosys, Inc.
Technology utilizing nanowires, nanorods and nanocrystals with applications in electronics, biology, chemistry and quantum computing
San Diego, CA
Sapphire Energy Corp.
Algae-based fuels and biomass production
Durham, NC
Semprius, Inc.
Ultra-high efficiency and low cost Generation V solar modules
San Francisco, CA
Siluria Technologies, Inc.
Catalytic process for the direct conversion of natural gas to ethylene and other value-added chemicals and liquid fuels
San Francisco, CA
Trelys, Inc.
Converting synthesis gas to high-value feedstock products
Cambridge, MA
Ultivue, Inc.
Biochemical reagents for flourescent bio-imaging